Will it helps?

Will face mask give protection against COVID-19?
  • Wear a mask, if you are taking care of someone who is infected by COVID-19 virus
  • Before using mask learn how to dispose it properly
  • Wear a mask if you have cold and you are sneezing or coughing
  • Wear mask only when you are at crowded area (recommended)

Will electric vehicles reduce pollution?

Latest research has shown that electric vehicles emits very less green house gases which reduces the air pollution & provides a clean and healthy environment. Electric vehicles can reduce mortality rate as outdoor air pollution is responsible for more than 2.4 million deaths yearly & there will be less respiration problems. Electric vehicles reduces air pollution which is very beneficial for our environment as because of it there will be more green trees which helps earth in cooling & decrease the excessive temperature. There are many countries which are looking forward for electric vehicles & are advising to use them as it is a great way to reduce air pollution, this step will also helps in developing a better future.

Some other benefits are also there like as charging an electric vehicle is cheaper than filling up fuel at the gas station, you can go 200 or 300 miles on a single charge & you will reduce your carbon footprint.

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