What you can do?

General prophylactic measures to prevent COVID-19

  • Avoid travel to outbreak areas
  • Stay away from crowded places
  • Sterilize & clean the surface
  • Avoid touching nose and eyes (T-Zone)

How to reduce air pollution

Grow more trees and plants as they take carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen which is very beneficial for our environment as well as for respiration also. We should avoid use of plastic objects. Never burn garbage, paper, dry leaves and other waste objects in open as it is one of the major cause of air pollution. Reduce the usage of CFCs. We can maintain air pollution by reducing the use of petrochemicals. Using electric vehicles can reduce air pollution as it emits less green house gases which helps in keeping our environment safe and healthy. Walk or use bicycle for covering short distances as it is very beneficial for maintaining a good health. Reduce your carbon footprint.

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