Benefits of drinking Lemon water

Refreshing flavour and a very nice fragrance it is a rich source of vitamin c & It is also used in making many drinks.Yes it’s lemonLemon is full of mediational valuesLike it helps in maintaining the pH of body, improves our digestive system& Also find many uses in preventing skin problems like acne, rash &Continue reading “Benefits of drinking Lemon water”

Amazing benefits of using rose water

Rose water maintains the pH of skin, the scent of rose water reduces stress and anxiety. ItPrevents excess amount of oil. It is a natural treatment for acne, pimples and eczema. It makes yourSkin glow and also removes dirt and excess oil. Rose water moisturize the skin. Rose water also contains some anti bacterial properties.Continue reading “Amazing benefits of using rose water”

Coconut water in summer season

It keeps your body hydrate on hot summer days.Coconut water helps in losing weight as it is low in calories. It also helps in acidity & improves food digestion. It prevents kidney stones & also capable in curing skin problems like acne, pimples & eczemaCoconut water also helps in healing the damaged skin, natural coconutContinue reading “Coconut water in summer season”


Take a 200ml dispensing bottle clean it properly make sure it is dried properly now, take 💯ml of isopropyl alcohol solution (99%) in other clean container (other than that of dispensing bottle) add natural aloe vera gel 50ml, to prepare aloe vera gel take gelly part from the aloe vera plant and heat it tillContinue reading “🌲HOW TO MAKE 💯% NATURAL HOMEMADE SANITIZER🌲”

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