Germicidal soaps are very useful in maintaining a good health

Germicidal soap keeps your body away from bad odour & refreshes the body by its fragrance and natural moisturizersGermicidal soap helps in killing harmful microbes as it contains anti microbial ingredientsIt also controls the growth of harmful microbes by inhabiting them from affected areaSome germicidal soap contains many special ingredients like natural oils, herbs &Continue reading “Germicidal soaps are very useful in maintaining a good health”

Where and how to use disinfectants

We are going to tell you where you can use disinfectant and also how to use it First never use disinfectant on yourself or on any other person as disinfectants are not friendly to living cells this is the main reason that you can’t use it on any wound or damaged skin so, now theContinue reading “Where and how to use disinfectants”


(For medical use only) Have you ever wondered that vodka can also be used as medicine. Let me tell you how you can use vodka as a medicine, which can be used in curing thyroid. Take some vodka(plain, uncoloured & unflavored) in a clean container. Take some walnut membrane or skin (present inside it) AddContinue reading “HOW TO USE VODKA AS MEDICINE⚕”

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