Some disturbing facts about covid-19

Some people don’t show any symptomsBut may carry the virus for a long timeWhich is a dangerous thing as itcan maximize the spread ofCovid-19 very easily. The main thingIs that how we can minimize thisTo minimize the spread we can followSome important tips & instructions likeAlways take off your mask very carefullyYou can do thisContinue reading “Some disturbing facts about covid-19”

Why aerosols are important?

Today, we will discuss why aerosols are so important First what are aerosols, you must observe that perfumes which we use in our daily life are compressed in a container why they are compressed? The main reason behind it, is that It provides uniform and constant delivery of contents. Aerosols contains compressed gas & liquifiedContinue reading “Why aerosols are important?”

Microbes in detergents

There are some microbes which are used in detergents to remove the oil stains from the laundry. Some stains are very hard to remove for this (to make the process easy) Some microbes are used in washing detergents as they have some cleansing properties which helps in cleansing. Microbes also provides strong cleansing action.

Some snacks which are good in taste & are also healthy

There are some healthy snacks which you can buy from market Happilo Premium Californian Dried and Sweet Sliced Cranberries True Elements Raw Sunflower Seeds – Sunflower Seeds for Eating Kellogg’s Crunchy Granola Almonds and Cranberries Happilo Premium International Healthy Nutmix Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats with Almond Biscuits Quaker Oats MuscleBlaze Protein Bar Happilo Premium InternationalContinue reading “Some snacks which are good in taste & are also healthy”

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