Impact of lockdown on environment

It seems that lockdown clean ups all the toxicity from air, water and environmentAs it can be noted that the air quality is improved from poor to excellent this all is becauseOf lockdown. There are very less vehicles out there mostly these vehicles are eco friendlySources of air pollution are very less because of lockdown.Continue reading “Impact of lockdown on environment”

Starvation may kill Poors before COVID-19

Some essential services are also affected by the COVID-19 lockdown, Which has very bad impact on poor people. Many poor workers are suffering very badly as they are not getting proper food, clean water & also not getting their pittance they earn on daily basis. The fact which can be noted here is that theyContinue reading “Starvation may kill Poors before COVID-19”


The answer is, yes it may cause anxiety in some people depending on their daily routine as well as on some other factors also like their interactions towards nature, are they taking proper diet, are there diet’s healthy or not. But as there is no vaccine against COVID-19 and as it spreads very easily. LockdownContinue reading “CAN LOCKDOWN CAUSE ANXIETY?”


As, there is lockdown due to Coronavirus. TV shows (Netflix) which you can watch and enjoy at home to keep yourself stress-free: Impractical jokers, Friends, The big bang theory and many more…..

“Coronavirus and environment”

Due to Coronavirus there is decrease in CO2 emissions. In some countries it is noted that due to the lockdown of coronavirus, there is decrease in the emissions of carbon dioxide. In terms of environment, lockdown will helps in cleaning the environment. Air quality is also improved from past as people are not using theirContinue reading ““Coronavirus and environment””

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