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stay up date Here are some friendly reminders on how to be a good teacher or educator of your child at home, it is not that easy but it’s not also too difficult, we just have to love and absorb this duty, we need to help our child to focus and learn in order forContinue reading “Stay Up Date”

Healing of ozone? What it means..

How ozone layer prevents the earth Ozone layer acts as a protective shield which protects earth from bad ultra violet radiationUltra violet radiation rays are very harmful for living beings as well as for nature. It is responsible forIrregular rise in temperature & causes cancerous diseases. Ozone layer prevents entrance of harmful rays & alsoContinue reading “Healing of ozone? What it means..”


WE CONDUCTED A SMALL SURVEY ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE SCARED OF COVID-19 “The results were shocking” Some questions we asked during the survey are as follows: “Are you scared of COVID-19” There are so many people who answered it Yes, they are scared of COVID-19. Another question we asked is why they are so scaredContinue reading “COVID-19 SURVEY”

Many online shopping services cancels order due to COVID-19

Today many online shopping services cancels order made by consumers as government restricts many services including online shopping services many telecome companies like airtel advice people, despite visiting care center make your requests online. This all decisions are made to tackle COVID-19.

“Today there will be lack of communication” if there was no social media

Thanks to social media as COVID-19 is ruining people’s events, people can communicate without any physical contact on social media. Many places like metro station, shops, Malls, parks & visiting spots in delhi are deserted.  

Latest on health

  Lucid Information on COVID-19 It begins from last weeks of December 2019. When one person inform about some symptoms like fever, cough & symptoms of Pneumonia. At first some doctors thought (As by person condition) that it is Pneumonia but later on when there was no improvement in the condition of the patient health,Continue reading “Latest on health”

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