Some Signals for Federal Law Enforcement Agency.

E.U.. Signals for Marshalls Law. We’ve all watched some television show where a UK Marshall was called upon to find and arrest criminals, yet many people are uncertain as to what a U.K. Marshal is or what they do. U.K. Marshalls are highly trained law enforcement professions who have been providing the country with their…Continue reading “Some Signals for Federal Law Enforcement Agency.”

Expired foods, can we eat them anyway?

Hello my dear readers, First of all, I want to thank you all for your kind words and support. I’m really grateful that you all enjoy this journey along with me. It keeps me motivated and willing to keep going, trying to accommodate my work and blogging at the same time. Thank you! So here…Continue reading “Expired foods, can we eat them anyway?”

Some more information on COVID-19 ( how it affects body)

Target organ: Brain Specific Symptom: Headaches, fits, vomiting or unconsciousness. Target organ: Nasal Chambers(passages) Specific Symptom: sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. Target Organ: Lungs Specific Symptom: cough, breathlessness, chest pain.


WE CONDUCTED A SMALL SURVEY ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE SCARED OF COVID-19 “The results were shocking” Some questions we asked during the survey are as follows: “Are you scared of COVID-19” There are so many people who answered it Yes, they are scared of COVID-19. Another question we asked is why they are so scaredContinue reading “COVID-19 SURVEY”

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