Some information on alcohol

Consumption of ALCOHOL is injurious to health AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IN DIFFERENT FERMENTED BEVERAGES Beer: 4-5% Red wine: 7-13% Brandy: 40-50% Whisky: 40-50% Rum: 45-55% Vodka: 40-55% Sake: 40-55% Consumption of ALCOHOL is injurious to health

Some more information on COVID-19 ( how it affects body)

Target organ: Brain Specific Symptom: Headaches, fits, vomiting or unconsciousness. Target organ: Nasal Chambers(passages) Specific Symptom: sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. Target Organ: Lungs Specific Symptom: cough, breathlessness, chest pain.


WE CONDUCTED A SMALL SURVEY ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE SCARED OF COVID-19 “The results were shocking” Some questions we asked during the survey are as follows: “Are you scared of COVID-19” There are so many people who answered it Yes, they are scared of COVID-19. Another question we asked is why they are so scaredContinue reading “COVID-19 SURVEY”

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