Why aerosols are important?

Today, we will discuss why aerosols are so important First what are aerosols, you must observe that perfumes which we use in our daily life are compressed in a container why they are compressed? The main reason behind it, is that It provides uniform and constant delivery of contents. Aerosols contains compressed gas & liquifiedContinue reading “Why aerosols are important?”

Impact of technology

Technology plays an important role in our daily lives and without it we can’t do our work easily as because of technology many hard works becomes easier and technology also helps in saving time which is very precious thing as when we have more time we can do our other important works. So, we canContinue reading “Impact of technology”

Some important facts you must know about COVID-19

It can easily infect people and as well as it spreads very easily. COVID-19 can easily survive for about 24 hours on a surface. Can cause death in few weeks, for the person who are old and have weak health conditions.  

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