How disinfectant kills microbe?

Disinfectants are very useful in cleaning & maintaining a good and healthy environment.It helps in killing germs and also removes bad odour which may be caused due to some badStuff. Disinfectants protect and maintains a healthy environment around us. Disinfectants are available in many different types of fragrances you can choose your favourite fragrance soContinue reading “How disinfectant kills microbe?”

How pets can keep you healthy

Pets can reduce anxiety and stress from your life Pets help in acceptance of healthy habits like you have to get up early in the morning for a walk with your pet. Pets keep your mind calm no matter how busy you are in your daily life. playing with pets help in reducing anxiety andContinue reading “How pets can keep you healthy”

How temperature affects the animals

It affects the kinetics of enzymes, like Growth and Development, Reproduction, Thermal tolerance, Metabolism, Thermal regulation & Some other factors are also there. Now, how temperature affects all of these How temperature affects growth and development: we can take example of Ostrea, In Ostrea, the length of body increases from 1.5 to 10.3 mm withContinue reading “How temperature affects the animals”

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