Hear the nature

In this post I am going to tell you the current state of our nature and environment and how we can Improve all those things which may be harmful for us and also for our environment. So, currently We are facing very hard time from the beginning of the 2020 including our nature and environmentContinue reading “Hear the nature”

How to spend free time

Exercise as it increases your energy level & also improve your physical and mental healthBy doing exercise you can burn your extra calories.Read as much as you can it helps you in increasing your brain concentration & also gives you information about what is going around you.Find a hobby as pursuing a hobby, gives pleasureYouContinue reading “How to spend free time”

How to burn extra body fat?

Some tips to burn extra body fat Exercise daily Take healthy meals & avoid food which may contain fat in abundant amount You can eat nuts as they are rich in nutrients & are also less in fat Drink water more than usual You can take salads You can take healthy drinks like ginger tea,Continue reading “How to burn extra body fat?”

How to live healthy

These are some tips which you can follow in your daily lifestyle so, that you can live healthy You can regular exercise as it improves blood circulation & also helps in reducing tensions. You can relax by regular, adequate & undisturbed sleep which helps in improving the capacity to work. Avoid unhealthy food. Increase yourContinue reading “How to live healthy”

Where and how to use disinfectants

We are going to tell you where you can use disinfectant and also how to use it First never use disinfectant on yourself or on any other person as disinfectants are not friendly to living cells this is the main reason that you can’t use it on any wound or damaged skin so, now theContinue reading “Where and how to use disinfectants”

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