Are frozen veggies and fruits good for your health?

What really happens when we freeze veggies & fruits canWe preserve their nutrients by freezing well, yesWe can preserve their nutrients by freezing themWe can freeze veggies for some days or weeks asFrozen veggies remains fresh and full of nutrients during thatTime period. So, frozen veggies and fruits are healthy forConsumption and provide good nutrientsContinue reading “Are frozen veggies and fruits good for your health?”

Germicidal soaps are very useful in maintaining a good health

Germicidal soap keeps your body away from bad odour & refreshes the body by its fragrance and natural moisturizersGermicidal soap helps in killing harmful microbes as it contains anti microbial ingredientsIt also controls the growth of harmful microbes by inhabiting them from affected areaSome germicidal soap contains many special ingredients like natural oils, herbs &Continue reading “Germicidal soaps are very useful in maintaining a good health”

Some snacks which are good in taste & are also healthy

There are some healthy snacks which you can buy from market Happilo Premium Californian Dried and Sweet Sliced Cranberries True Elements Raw Sunflower Seeds – Sunflower Seeds for Eating Kellogg’s Crunchy Granola Almonds and Cranberries Happilo Premium International Healthy Nutmix Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats with Almond Biscuits Quaker Oats MuscleBlaze Protein Bar Happilo Premium InternationalContinue reading “Some snacks which are good in taste & are also healthy”

Why energy drinks are unhealthy?

Energy drinks are not prefer good for health, we can’t use energy drinks as our regular drink because of it contents. The contents in it are said to be unhealthy & mainly because it contains high amount of caffeine in it. If someone starts taking it on regular basis the health of that person willContinue reading “Why energy drinks are unhealthy?”


Some benefits of eating chocolate It is good for your brain as it boosts your memory and helps in increasing your memory concentration. We get pleasure from it. It also prevents heart ā™„ attack, decrease your chances of getting strokes, it improves blood circulation and prevent blockage.


There are many microbes which are used in producing a number of valuable products, Microbes play important role in our daily life as they are used in some industrial products, apart from this microbes are also used in making of fermented (contains alcohol in it) beverages like beer, wine, whisky, brandy, gin, rum and manyContinue reading “SOME MICROBES ARE GOOD FOR HEALTH”

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