Greenhouse report

In this post I am going to discuss greenhouse gas levelsThere is record fall in the carbon emissions but we haveTo maintain this as we all know this is because lockdownBut what when the lockdown gets over so, this is the majorIssue that how we can handle or reduce the emissions afterThe lockdown to reduceContinue reading “Greenhouse report”

Environment- Is Controlling the Air Pollution Enough

There are much more than Air pollution there are some other factors also on which we have to work So, as we can make sure we are living in a better, safer & in a healthier environment So, what are these factors about which I am talking about So lets begin apart from the AirContinue reading “Environment- Is Controlling the Air Pollution Enough”

Who is slowing the Construction?

Let me tell you the main reasons about why the construction is all time slow firstly, as we all know we are under pandemic but what if this pandemic never ends, I am saying this thing as there are some facts which shows how difficult it is to end this pandemic based on some ExpertsContinue reading “Who is slowing the Construction?”

Have you Heard?

This post is based on my Hear the nature Post Please read till end Today, I am going to discuss on how we can make our nature more beautiful than ever, although our nature is still so, beautiful but I like to share Some of my views, wish you like them please comment and shareContinue reading “Have you Heard?”

Hear the nature

In this post I am going to tell you the current state of our nature and environment and how we can Improve all those things which may be harmful for us and also for our environment. So, currently We are facing very hard time from the beginning of the 2020 including our nature and environmentContinue reading “Hear the nature”

Impact of lockdown on environment

It seems that lockdown clean ups all the toxicity from air, water and environmentAs it can be noted that the air quality is improved from poor to excellent this all is becauseOf lockdown. There are very less vehicles out there mostly these vehicles are eco friendlySources of air pollution are very less because of lockdown.Continue reading “Impact of lockdown on environment”

Healing of ozone? What it means..

How ozone layer prevents the earth Ozone layer acts as a protective shield which protects earth from bad ultra violet radiationUltra violet radiation rays are very harmful for living beings as well as for nature. It is responsible forIrregular rise in temperature & causes cancerous diseases. Ozone layer prevents entrance of harmful rays & alsoContinue reading “Healing of ozone? What it means..”


😒😒Is blaming, the solution?😠😠 Blaming can never be a solution as far as I know people who are in power havemore experience than any other, but one thing is not understandable why they keepon blaming each other, as they also know that there is no solution lies in it. The thingsthat people can observe isContinue reading “THE WORLD”

Some important facts you must know about COVID-19

It can easily infect people and as well as it spreads very easily. COVID-19 can easily survive for about 24 hours on a surface. Can cause death in few weeks, for the person who are old and have weak health conditions.  

“Coronavirus and environment”

Due to Coronavirus there is decrease in CO2 emissions. In some countries it is noted that due to the lockdown of coronavirus, there is decrease in the emissions of carbon dioxide. In terms of environment, lockdown will helps in cleaning the environment. Air quality is also improved from past as people are not using theirContinue reading ““Coronavirus and environment””

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