Greenhouse report

In this post I am going to discuss greenhouse gas levelsThere is record fall in the carbon emissions but we haveTo maintain this as we all know this is because lockdownBut what when the lockdown gets over so, this is the majorIssue that how we can handle or reduce the emissions afterThe lockdown to reduceContinue reading “Greenhouse report”

Some steps can be taken to tackle climate change

We can stop the usage of vehicles which use petrochemicals as their fuels and we can replace it by using electric vehicles. We should reduce usage of fossil fuels. We need to improve efficiency of energy usage. One of the most important factor is reducing deforestation as by reducing it, there will be more treesContinue reading “Some steps can be taken to tackle climate change”


😒😒Is blaming, the solution?😠😠 Blaming can never be a solution as far as I know people who are in power havemore experience than any other, but one thing is not understandable why they keepon blaming each other, as they also know that there is no solution lies in it. The thingsthat people can observe isContinue reading “THE WORLD”

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