How to Grow Citrus


As we know there are so many varieties of Citrus all around the world but today I am just talking about how to grow Citrus so, first of all you need some of the best quality seeds so that our Citrus just grow as good as we want it to grow. After the selection of the seeds its time to place them correctly where you want to grow (germinate) them for the preparation of soil just add some natural fertilizers so that the taste of the Citrus must be common among all & add just more than half of water (h2o) this is because seeds need a moderate temperature to germinate and best one is that they can grow on a general time. You can harvest them at the time when they become eatable you can check it by noticing the variance of some characteristics this may be Colour, Shape, Size for some it can be smell or some other ways to verify that it is ready and can be used for eatable purposes.

Harvest Citrus.

Generally they are used in making juice & for some commonly just for eating purposes.

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