The Journey!

James Jung thought he rode the winding narrow roads of the Alps to memorialize his dad. He was wrong. ‘These Were His Mountains, After All’: Remembering One’s Father While Cycling in the Swiss Alps

Roxie Laybourne: the World’s First Forensic Ornithologist

“Having spent thousands of hours preparing thousands upon thousands of specimens, Laybourne had accumulated a library’s worth of knowledge about birds.” Roxie Laybourne: the World’s First Forensic Ornithologist

Energy boosting sweet potato snack

Do you love eating sweet snacks but feels a little bit anxious consuming them? Why don’t you eat a sweet but healthy food? This recipe offers both because it was made from sweet potatoes glazed with the calming taste of honey. Sweet potatoes are root vegetables that has a lot of health benefits on itContinue reading “Energy boosting sweet potato snack”

Aromatic herbs for memory

I don’t know you, but I’ve noticed that I’ve started forgetting not only the things I’ve done yesterday but also things that I’ve had intention in doing today. While not remembering the past is not affecting me very much, because what was important I cannot forget as I’ve lived it and the experience will be…Continue reading “Aromatic herbs for memory”

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