My Favorite Northern Rote Grütze

It’s not so easy for me to make Rote Grütze but for some it is like just mix red berries with sugar and water or juice, simmer, add corn starch to thicken, pour into bowls, add fresh cold cream, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or vanilla sause. I like to eat it rather than makingContinue reading “My Favorite Northern Rote Grütze”

Why I Love Britain

There is no doubt that the Britain is the most beautiful place in this world. Whether it is about the culture, food, lifestyle. The Britain is unique in everything this is why the Britain 🇬🇧 is only one in this world 🌎 and no one can become a good competitor of it. The Britain hasContinue reading “Why I Love Britain”

Some Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

Who don’t like to play video games there may be some people who don’t like to play video games but they never says that it is not a good activity some people love to play video games not because they have some health benefits they play it for joy playing video games can make ourContinue reading “Some Health Benefits of Playing Video Games”

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