When I Visited the Zoo

I love going to the zoo. At zoo you can gaze upon some of the amazing animals like king of the jungle, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, Pandas and many more. At the zoo we can safely learn about real animals which also includes some of the exotic creatures from all around the globe. It is more impressive to see things in real life then watching them on the television sets. Zoos have changed a lot from earlier. Going back to the earlier days of zoos there were small cages in which animals were kept the cages were made up of solid concrete blocks which is not so friendly for the animals but now all things has charged their is a large increased space for animals where they can live happily and can also interact with nature and visitors. Modern zoos also helps & supports endangered species so that they don’t become extinct. Maintains genetic diversity & protects extinct species. We can also treat the injured or diseased animal in the zoo and can release them back to the jungle after the treatment. At zoo you can see your favorite animal and can safely learn.

“He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul.”

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