Water Filters- Choose the right one for a good health

Lets take a look to the different types of water filters and how they work

UF (Ultrafiltration): It uses ultrafiltration technology which is also known as the membrane technology to create a super fine filter capable of catching particles which are down below .025 micron. In it if there is anything larger
Than .025 micron will not go through membrane carbon can be used in front to maintain taste and odour.
It is not so good for things which can dissolve but for particles which are down below .025 micron it is the best. If you buy a UF Product the beauty of that product is that It is very easy to install.

UV (Ultraviolet): It is a disinfection process which uses germicidal UV (UV) and it’s a chamber that has a lamp inside and as the water flows through it emits UV rays capable of deactivating any living organisms which may be present in the supplied water It effectively treats your water and provides you a clean and safe drinking water. It requires a proper maintenance.

RO (Reverse Osmosis): It works by forcing water through a special permeable membrane to remove compounds such as salts, organic compounds, microorganisms, viruses and other impurities.

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