Time I spend in the garden

Well, the answer for that is I spend a lot of time
In the garden because it takes a lot of time to take
Care of flowers and plants which i grow in the garden
To maintain a good healthy environment in garden
There are so much you need to take care of like which plant
Needs more water and which needs less the amount of
Water should be according to the need of plant like some
Plant requires less water whereas some requires more
Same is for fertilizers like which one is good for your plants
Fertilizers are responsible to provide some of the key
Nutrients which helps in proper maintenance and growth
Of the plant it provide some primary nutrients like nitrogen, potassium & phosphorus
Nitrogen provide a better growth of plants above ground. Potassium provide strong cells within plant tissue & helps in
A better growth. Phosphorus can be used for the better growth of your garden flowers provides better growth below the ground. So, usually taking care of a garden requires a lot of time as there are many
Things you have to do for growing beautiful flowers and plants.

Keep your environment green and healthy.

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