Environment- Is Controlling the Air Pollution Enough

There are much more than Air pollution there are some other factors also on which we have to work So, as we can make sure we are living in a better, safer & in a healthier environment So, what are these factors about which I am talking about So lets begin apart from the Air pollution if we focus on the other factors which are responsible for unhealthy environment are, in some areas there are no facilities for proper disposal of garbage which is a big concern which relates to our health as well as also for the health of our environment. If we do not have proper garbage disposal system it will really make our environment unhealthy for example one is using effective ways for disposal whereas, there are some who not even have a proper disposal system now how this thing is a major concern it is a major concern because if we do not have a proper disposal system there will be more chances of getting sick & also it will lead to a unhealthy environment how, let me take it differently with an example there is one person who is sick and not taking care of proper ways for the disposal of garbage it may include not using garbage bags for garbage & not sealing them perfectly. Leakage of garbage from the garbage bag can be very harmful for us and our environment. There are some tips to maintain a clean and safe disposal system for garbage

  • Always throw the garbage in a garbage bag & also use separate trash cans for biodegradable and non-biodegradable never throw the garbage directly to the trash can.
  • Always wear gloves while handling the garbage.
  • Always check that the garbage bag or bin is perfectly sealed.
  • Always wash your hands with a germicidal soap or liquid hand wash.
  • Always spray disinfectant at vulnerable places like near the trash can or trash bag.
  • Become a responsible citizen and always try to keep your environment safe and healthy.




Keep your environment safe and healthy

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