Who is slowing the Construction?

Let me tell you the main reasons about why the construction is all time slow firstly, as we all know we are under pandemic but what if this pandemic never ends, I am saying this thing as there are some facts which shows how difficult it is to end this pandemic based on some

Experts view I will discuss them later, now let me discuss the main reasons behind the slowdown of construction the reason is that, there are very few workers and even at some places there is no one to work so, the whole process of the chain is very badly affected and it may continue for a long time as we are not seeing any improvement at all to overcome from this problem we must provide confidence to our workers that they are safe at work we can do this by providing some facilities like free high quality face masks & gloves (PPE kit), Regular health checkups, Providing them clean washroom & Shelters, Providing clean drinking water and healthy food, Providing them free sanitizers with liquid handwash so, as they can live and work safely.

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