Top 10 Health insurance companies in New Delhi

Why Health Insurance is Important Max Bupa health insurance company limited Brochure It is an Indian health insurance company Founded in 2008. The headquarter of the company is located in New Delhi. Paid-up capital of US$130 million. Awards The Economic Times Best Brands 2019 IT Management Best Practices 2016 The Golden Peacock Awards 2015 TheContinue reading “Top 10 Health insurance companies in New Delhi”

Why you need health insurance

It may not be the most exciting thing to shop for but their is the big reason why you should shopAnd that big reason is that it saves your big bucks as you don’t have to pay full amount the one morereason is that it also helps you to stay healthy by providing you regularContinue reading “Why you need health insurance”

When I Visited the Zoo

I love going to the zoo. At zoo you can gaze upon some of the amazing animals like king of the jungle, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, Pandas and many more. At the zoo we can safely learn about real animals which also includes some of the exotic creatures from all around the globe. It is moreContinue reading “When I Visited the Zoo”

Water Filters- Choose the right one for a good health

Lets take a look to the different types of water filters and how they work UF (Ultrafiltration): It uses ultrafiltration technology which is also known as the membrane technology to create a super fine filter capable of catching particles which are down below .025 micron. In it if there is anything largerThan .025 micron willContinue reading “Water Filters- Choose the right one for a good health”

How we can provide a better healthcare to the poor people

We can provide a better healthcare to our poor people byWorking on the issues who are creating huddles betweenThe healthcare and the poor as we know most of the healthcareServices are so expensive because of which poor people are not able toAfford them. Some low cost healthcare services are also thereBut many of them areContinue reading “How we can provide a better healthcare to the poor people”

Greenhouse report

In this post I am going to discuss greenhouse gas levelsThere is record fall in the carbon emissions but we haveTo maintain this as we all know this is because lockdownBut what when the lockdown gets over so, this is the majorIssue that how we can handle or reduce the emissions afterThe lockdown to reduceContinue reading “Greenhouse report”

Time I spend in the garden

Well, the answer for that is I spend a lot of timeIn the garden because it takes a lot of time to takeCare of flowers and plants which i grow in the gardenTo maintain a good healthy environment in gardenThere are so much you need to take care of like which plantNeeds more water andContinue reading “Time I spend in the garden”

Testing for COVID-19

Majority of test which are used to diagnose COVID-19 are genetic test know as PCR testsIt is a technique which is used to make several copies of small fragments of DNA or RNAAn enzyme which makes polymers of other molecules (DNA, RNA) New strand using existing strands& there is an chemical reaction.It is very accurateContinue reading “Testing for COVID-19”

Environment- Is Controlling the Air Pollution Enough

There are much more than Air pollution there are some other factors also on which we have to work So, as we can make sure we are living in a better, safer & in a healthier environment So, what are these factors about which I am talking about So lets begin apart from the AirContinue reading “Environment- Is Controlling the Air Pollution Enough”

Stay Safe at Construction Site

Let me tell you how you can stay safe against COVID-19 at construction site first follow the social distancing criteria, limit the number of workers & also limit the number of external visitors. Always clean the work zone. If someone have symptoms please self-isolate for about 14 days. Always clean your tools. Please wash yourContinue reading “Stay Safe at Construction Site”

Who is slowing the Construction?

Let me tell you the main reasons about why the construction is all time slow firstly, as we all know we are under pandemic but what if this pandemic never ends, I am saying this thing as there are some facts which shows how difficult it is to end this pandemic based on some ExpertsContinue reading “Who is slowing the Construction?”

Neighbor’s House Construction

In, this post I am going to discuss about the present condition of construction as we all know the COVID-19 has badly affected our life I must say, it not only affected our life it also affected construction as well & we know that construction is very essential as without it we can’t make orContinue reading “Neighbor’s House Construction”

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