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Today, I am going to discuss on how we can make our nature more beautiful than ever, although our nature is still so, beautiful but I like to share Some of my views, wish you like them please comment and share your views also. For making nature more beautiful we must grow more flowers of different variety and how it will be if we grow some flowers with each tree we plant as it will be nice for our nature & also looks great when our eyes view that sight it will please our mind and always keeps us reminding that we

Have to grow more trees if we are using them for commercial purposes.

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as it is full of

Values we get from flowers)

Flowers are not only the symbol of love they also bring prosperity & makes our nature more beautiful. Flowers are the best friends of us when we face our hard time, they give us a hope of good time. Let me share some lines in which nature says that if you not care for me, I will not care for you

And that is right if you not care for the nature then it will not care for you as some diverse effects can be seen as the act of being careless so, we must care for our nature not only because we are getting benefits from it but also because they are the beauty of the earth which keeps our earth

Green and healthy.

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