On this day – American inventor Charles Goodyear died on July 01 in 1860

Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear (1800-1860)


The inventor of vulcanized rubber, a baked mixture of rubber and sulphur by which rubber acquires certain qualities like strength, elasticity, and resistance to solvents, and to render it impervious to moderate heat and cold.

In terms of Chemistry the process involves the formation of cross-linkages between the polymer chains of rubber molecules. The formation of cross-links makes rubber hard, tough with greater tensile strength. The vulcanized rubber has excellent elasticity, low water absorption tendency resistance to oxidation and organic solvents. The double bonds in the rubber molecule act as reactive sites.


Some properties of vulcanized rubber are

It is so hard and non-sticky.

It has high tensile strength.

It has high elasticity.

It has high wear and tear resistance.

It can be used over a wide range of temperature i.e. (-40° C to 100° C).

It is insoluble in all the common solvents.

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