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In this post I am going to tell you the current state of our nature and environment and how we can Improve all those things which may be harmful for us and also for our environment. So, currently We are facing very hard time from the beginning of the 2020 including our nature and environment as We can see how deforestation has affected our environment and is continuously harming us and Our environment because of deforestation there is a rise of excessive temperature of the earth And because of this factor our nature & environment facing a major problem the question which rises is that how we can handle or how we can solve this major problem. The main thing is that deforestation is on its high scale & growing of trees is all time less the bad outcomes can be excessive rise in temperature, excessive heat flow & many harmful effects may be seen on living beings. To reduce it we just can’t, grow trees in one day it will take time so the best solution is that we have to reduce the other harmful factors to some extent like air pollution from the industries, vehicles and mainly from the excessive burning of garbage in open because of these factors we are facing all these problems which are related to our nature and environment.

Data on deforestation.

Some points which can be taken into account are

The main reason for deforestation may vary like in some places it is for acquiring land

For the purpose of living (Construction of buildings, infrastructures etc.).

Or for the production of goods like paper, wood, rubber etc.

For the purpose of mining

For agriculture & cultivation on large scale and small scale.

For using wood as a fuel.

Although these points are important for living but if we care about our nature and environment, we can reduce them to some extent.



Plant more trees for a better future

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