Berries and Health

How berries like strawberry, cranberry, raspberry & blueberry are beneficial for our health


Strawberries not only tastes great it is also a rich source of vitamin c

It can improve your immunity and can increase your power to fight against many infectious diseases

It can also dissolve the bad cholesterol and can improve the circulation of blood in our body which can help in preventing heart attacks & can also prevent many cardiovascular diseases

Make it a part of your diet and it can help you in reducing your extra body fat

It helps in fighting against cancer by reducing the growth of the cancer cells

It is also good for your skin.




Cranberries are used in many foods & also give a unique flavour

It helps in eliminating bad toxins from our body & improves the digestive system

It also prevents urinary infections and improves the functions of the body

It provides relief in joints and muscles pain

It can also reduce hair fall & also prevents skin problems (acne, wrinkles)

It also helps in burning extra lbs.




Raspberries are sweet and tastes great

There are many varieties of it….

It gives protection against many bacterial & fungal infections

It is very beneficial against arthritis & prevents the growth of cancerous diseases

It is rich in many nutrients & is also good in maintaining healthy liver

It can also reduce hypertension & blood pressure by improving the blood circulation of the body.





Blueberries is full of health benefits

It can help in preventing aging & skin related diseases as it helps in cleaning the skin pores & prevents blockage

It can increase the concentration of our brain by improving the cells response

It can also improve the vision of our eyes

It also promotes the digestion of food and helps in removing bad toxins.

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