The process which keeps us alive!

Human body.
Thoracic Cavity.

There are many processes which are very
Important & because of them we are alive
Yes, you are right today I am talking about
The process of breathing it is one of the vital
Process of our body and without it we can’t live
The main organ responsible for respiration
Are situated in the Thoracic Cavity
Thoracic region where the rib cage
& Dome shaped diaphragm can be
Observed within the rib cage
There are the pleural membrane
Right lung is usually larger than the left one
It contains three loops as right superior, right middle & right inferior
Whereas left lung consists of two loops as left superior & left inferior
Connected with the small tubular bronchi which unites & extent into
A trachea. Trachea have C shaped rings of cartilage which helps & prevents trachea wall collapsing.
Trachea leads into the pharynx which are then connected to the nostrils
When we breath in (inhalation) oxygen rich molecules enters the nostrils
And then moves in the downward direction through the diaphragm & trachea to reach bronchi
From bronchi oxygen molecules travels to each lungs & divide repeatedly in bronchioles
Oxygen travels & reaches alveolus which is surrounded with the network of capillaries
In it there are alveolar chambers with pores
RBC flows through capillaries Oxygen molecules from the alveolus diffuse into the capillaries
Then absorbed by RBC produce oxygenation of the RBCs & transition in the colour from Bluish
Purple to red the blood in alveoli contains RBC & CO2 molecules these molecules are then released
Into the alveoli CO2 collects in alveolus chamber and then from the alveolus it travels towards
Into the bronchia into the bronchus which finally reaches trachea and breathed out
When we inhale (air rich in O2) there is contraction of muscular diaphragm & the lungs
After that diaphragm moves up and the lungs contracts which causes the
Air to move outward (rich in CO2).


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