Benefits of drinking Lemon water

Lemon water.

Refreshing flavour and a very nice fragrance it is a rich source of vitamin c & It is also used in making many drinks.
Yes it’s lemon
Lemon is full of mediational values
Like it helps in maintaining the pH of body, improves our digestive system
& Also find many uses in preventing skin problems like acne, rash & heals the damaged skin.
Drinking Lemon water every morning will help you in getting all these benefits
Drinking Lemon water every morning can burn your extra belly fat
It also helps in detoxification.
It keeps you away from respiratory problems & also prevents tonsils
It provides important electrolytes to the body & also hydrates the body
Lemon is used in flavouring many foods
You can drink lemon water everyday it will provide essential electrolytes & also helps
In removing toxic from your liver
It may also helps in removing kidney stones
You can add ice cubes to lemon water
Or else you can drink warm lemon water as it will be very beneficial for your body
How drinking Lemon water can lose your weight
Lemon increases the metabolic rate of the body
Which promotes weight loss
By drinking Lemon water every morning you can lose extra
Lbs within few weeks.


Drink healthy & live healthy.

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