What happens when you make muscles?

When you make muscles it provide heat to your body and you feel warmer and your body starts to sweat for cooling down the excessive temperature and heart starts to pump more blood to the muscles & you starts to breathe faster so that your blood can pick up more oxygen from your lungs. TheseContinue reading “What happens when you make muscles?”

Hear the nature

In this post I am going to tell you the current state of our nature and environment and how we can Improve all those things which may be harmful for us and also for our environment. So, currently We are facing very hard time from the beginning of the 2020 including our nature and environmentContinue reading “Hear the nature”

Berries and Health

How berries like strawberry, cranberry, raspberry & blueberry are beneficial for our health Strawberry Strawberries not only tastes great it is also a rich source of vitamin c It can improve your immunity and can increase your power to fight against many infectious diseases It can also dissolve the bad cholesterol and can improve theContinue reading “Berries and Health”

Some effective ways to improve your respiratory system

These are some effective ways (tips) about how you can improve your respiratory system if you are facing Some problems related to respiratory system Keep your body hydrated You can do so by drinking water more than you usually drinks or you can hydrate your body by some other sources like by eating & drinkingContinue reading “Some effective ways to improve your respiratory system”

The process which keeps us alive!

There are many processes which are veryImportant & because of them we are aliveYes, you are right today I am talking aboutThe process of breathing it is one of the vitalProcess of our body and without it we can’t liveThe main organ responsible for respirationAre situated in the Thoracic CavityThoracic region where the rib cage&Continue reading “The process which keeps us alive!”

Benefits of drinking Lemon water

Refreshing flavour and a very nice fragrance it is a rich source of vitamin c & It is also used in making many drinks.Yes it’s lemonLemon is full of mediational valuesLike it helps in maintaining the pH of body, improves our digestive system& Also find many uses in preventing skin problems like acne, rash &Continue reading “Benefits of drinking Lemon water”

As there are lot of seismic activity in Delhi, Things you must know about an earthquake?

Since April till now, Delhi has witnessed for about more than 14 earthquakesWhat could be the possibility for bigger one, exactly no one knows about itBut as we know that, there are lot of seismic activity in Delhi & near by areas these days.What we can do is that, we can take some precautions andContinue reading “As there are lot of seismic activity in Delhi, Things you must know about an earthquake?”

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