Some disturbing facts about covid-19

Some people don’t show any symptoms
But may carry the virus for a long time
Which is a dangerous thing as it
can maximize the spread of
Covid-19 very easily. The main thing
Is that how we can minimize this
To minimize the spread we can follow
Some important tips & instructions like
Always take off your mask very carefully
You can do this by simply taking your
Mask off by the ear loops (ties) never
Touch the front part of your mask
As it may be badly contaminated
Always wash your hands before & after
Touching the mask. Never reuse disposal
Masks. Wash your clothes regularly as
It can minimize your chances of getting infection
You can also disinfect your clothes after & before wash
Always keep your footwares out of your house
And clean them carefully, you can wear gloves
During the cleaning. Take regular bath
& you can also add some drops of antiseptic liquid
To the water you use for taking bath. Avoid unnecessary
Outdoor movements. Never touch unknown object
Or wear high quality gloves before doing so. Never forget to wash
Your hands properly with sanitizer or with liquid hand wash.
Avoid touching of eyes and mouth after wearing face mask.

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