How to Handle Stress during the pandemic

Usually in daily life when there is no situation
Like pandemic we are less stressed as compared
To pandemic this is generally because when the
Situation like pandemic arises some people
Which usually take less stress start taking
To much of it, this is because of some
Changes which arises in our daily lifestyle because of the situation in which
We are living (pandemic)
These changes can be unusual and can even become worse
If we don’t take care as it can affect our daily routine
Because of which problems like sleeplessness,
Weakness, anxiety arises & which give rise to stressful
Living but in some cases there is no reason at all
Or we just don’t mind them. We can handle this
Unusual stress by following some simple tips
First you must keep yourself busy in
Some activities which may be physical exercise,
Or it may be a hobby like painting, reading or something else.
Secondly keep yourself calm by exercising regularly and
Keep yourself aware of what is going on and
What you can do about it. You can minimize those
Activities or works to whom you think you are
More stressed. This can be achieved by avoiding
The activities or works for some days to whom you are more stressed.
Take proper and healthy meals avoid overeating
As you may gain extra weight & it will give rise to
Unhealthy lifestyle. You can keep yourself stress free
By regular morning walk or regular exercise
You can share your views or experiences on
Something to your friends or family as it decreases
The unusual stress and keeps your mind busy
You can also try some breathing exercises as
It improves blood circulation and also helps in
Calming down the brain.


Smile is the best medicine for stress so keep smiling.

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