Can vegetables and groceries we buy from market
Invite covid-19 to our house

Vegetables & groceries.

As far as we know there are no know cases in which
COVID-19 transmitted to the people through
Vegetables & groceries but we can take some
Precautions to avoid fear firstly,
We should wash the vegetables properly
In warm water so that they get sanitize
Secondly, we can sanitize groceries
Which we buy from market. For groceries
Which are not packed properly, we can
Use them after some days.
Keep your refrigerator clean before
Using it & also clean all the items
Before refrigeration.
Always use disinfectant spray on vulnerable
Places. Keep your toilet & bathroom clean
After use & disinfect after use. Never forget
To wash your hands with germicidal soaps or
By liquid handwash. Cover all eatable items properly.
Close trash can properly after use.
Wear gloves & mask when cleaning vulnerable
Places as it will be safe for you.

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