The immortals


What are immortals well you say
Immortals are those who never dies
Yes it is true
But have you ever thought that who are they
Or are their any immortal well in science
We have the answer for the question
The living beings who are produced by
The process of mitosis
Or generally who are capable to
Regenerate themselves. Now what is
Regeneration for simple understanding
We can say that the individual who regenerates
Never dies as in regeneration individual never dies
We can say that regeneration is very rare which means
That it is found in very few organisms
And organisms in which it is found are known as
Immortals. Now the question rises who are
They, there are some organisms like planeria (flat worms),
Turritopsis dohrnii (a species of jelly fish) & hydra
Who are immortals which means they are capable to regenerate
When they becomes weak or old. The interesting thing is that
These organisms never dies. After registration these organisms becomes
Young and stronger than before.

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