Are frozen veggies and fruits good for your health?

What really happens when we freeze veggies & fruits canWe preserve their nutrients by freezing well, yesWe can preserve their nutrients by freezing themWe can freeze veggies for some days or weeks asFrozen veggies remains fresh and full of nutrients during thatTime period. So, frozen veggies and fruits are healthy forConsumption and provide good nutrientsContinue reading “Are frozen veggies and fruits good for your health?”

Do ketogenic diet really works?

Many people take ketogenic diet so, that they can reduceThere extra lbs but the question is how effective theDiet is, we ask some people about the matterWell, some People says it’s a better way whereasSome of them says the diet is not so effective. First what is ketogenic dietKetogenic diet is a low carb dietForContinue reading “Do ketogenic diet really works?”

Are oats & oatmeal beneficial?

Let’s take a look to the contents of oats Iron Manganese Phosphorus Magnesium Copper Zinc Folate Vitamin b1 & b5 Oats are full of nutrients, the nutrients which provide energy to our body & helpsIn burning extra bad calories. It helps in digestion & improves blood circulationOf the body. Taking oatmeal as a breakfast canContinue reading “Are oats & oatmeal beneficial?”

Some disturbing facts about covid-19

Some people don’t show any symptomsBut may carry the virus for a long timeWhich is a dangerous thing as itcan maximize the spread ofCovid-19 very easily. The main thingIs that how we can minimize thisTo minimize the spread we can followSome important tips & instructions likeAlways take off your mask very carefullyYou can do thisContinue reading “Some disturbing facts about covid-19”

How to Handle Stress during the pandemic

Usually in daily life when there is no situationLike pandemic we are less stressed as comparedTo pandemic this is generally because when theSituation like pandemic arises some peopleWhich usually take less stress start takingTo much of it, this is because of someChanges which arises in our daily lifestyle because of the situation in whichWe areContinue reading “How to Handle Stress during the pandemic”

Can vegetables and groceries we buy from market
Invite covid-19 to our house

As far as we know there are no know cases in whichCOVID-19 transmitted to the people throughVegetables & groceries but we can take somePrecautions to avoid fear firstly,We should wash the vegetables properlyIn warm water so that they get sanitizeSecondly, we can sanitize groceriesWhich we buy from market. For groceriesWhich are not packed properly, weContinue reading “Can vegetables and groceries we buy from market
Invite covid-19 to our house”

The immortals

What are immortals well you sayImmortals are those who never diesYes it is trueBut have you ever thought that who are theyOr are their any immortal well in scienceWe have the answer for the questionThe living beings who are produced byThe process of mitosisOr generally who are capable toRegenerate themselves. Now what isRegeneration for simpleContinue reading “The immortals”

Benefits of playing sports

Make playing sports a habit of your daily life As it keeps your body in good shape.It improves blood circulation of the body.Helps in maintaining the good respiratory conditions.We get pleasure from playing sports & We get a good experience from itPlaying sports is not a boring task as we get pleasure and also fellContinue reading “Benefits of playing sports”

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