Impact of lockdown on environment

It seems that lockdown clean ups all the toxicity from air, water and environment
As it can be noted that the air quality is improved from poor to excellent this all is because
Of lockdown. There are very less vehicles out there mostly these vehicles are eco friendly
Sources of air pollution are very less because of lockdown. Excessive temperature of earth is
Cooling down as emissions are very less, there is no excessive rise in temperature. Trees are looking more fresh and green & skies are more blue. Air is very fresh and clean. We can say that impact of lockdown on our environment is good.

Some places in delhi where low pollution level is noted because of lockdown

  • IHBAS, Dilshad Garden (AQI 53)
  • Shadipur (AQI 68)
  • North Campus, DU (AQI 87)
  • Aya Nagar (AQI 88)
  • Sri Aurobindo Marg (AQI 88)
  • Mandir Marg (AQI 89)
  • Patparganj (AQI 90)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (AQI 93)
  • NSIT Dwarka (AQI 95)
  • Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium (AQI 96)

Keep your environment clean and healthy.

Steps for washing your hands

Hand washing technique.

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