Healing of ozone? What it means..

How ozone layer prevents the earth

Ozone layer acts as a protective shield which protects earth from bad ultra violet radiation
Ultra violet radiation rays are very harmful for living beings as well as for nature. It is responsible for
Irregular rise in temperature & causes cancerous diseases. Ozone layer prevents entrance of harmful rays & also helps earth in healing from the damages which are caused by radiation. It also makes
Environment green and healthy. It prevent irregular melting of glaciers, harmful UV rays can cause
Irregular melting of glaciers ozone layer prevents this, by acting as a barrier between the harmful rays and earth surface. Ozone layer absorbs the harmful radiation rays & prevents their entrance. We should not use cfcs as they are responsible for depletion of protective ozone layer. Ozone hole reduces the concentration of ozone. UV rays are very harmful for human beings as they are capable to cause
Extreme burns & many harmful diseases. Healing of ozone hole reduces the harmful effects. We
Can use electric vehicles in place of petro chemical this supports in healing process of ozone depletion.

Ozone layer is healing

Ozone layer is healing.

Make earth green and healthy.

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