Why aerosols are important?

Today, we will discuss why aerosols are so important

First what are aerosols, you must observe that perfumes which we use in our daily life are compressed in a container why they are compressed? The main reason behind it, is that It provides uniform and constant delivery of contents. Aerosols contains compressed gas & liquified gas. Aerosols are used in pressurized packing of deodorants, perfumes, cosmetics & also for pressurized packing of medicines. Aerosols contains active ingredients dissolved or emulsified in a propellant. It is useful in oral or topical administration.


  • 1837: A soda siphon incorporating a valve.
  • 1942: first insecticide aerosol was developed.
  • 1950: pharmaceutical aerosol for topical administration was developed.
  • 1955: Epinephrine medication aerosol was developed.

Some Advantages of aerosols

  • Chances of contamination is very less & can be removed without contamination of material
  • It can deliver medication directly to the affected area
  • It can reduce irritation produced by the mechanical application
  • Can be used very easily
  • May Provide rapid relief

Components of aerosols

Components of aerosols.
  • Propellant (It is responsible for developing proper pressure within the container)
  • Container (body)
  • Valve and actuator
  • Product concentrate (medication)

Hydrocarbons can be used for water based aerosols & for topical use because of inexpensiveness. They are great solvents & does not cause ozone layer depletion.

Some eco friendly deodorants

Vanilla bean + lavender organic vegan deodorant

Organic vegan deodorant.



Keep your environment safe and healthy.

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