Why aerosols are harmful

Some Aerosols are not environment friendly, as well as are not suitable for living beings also.

The possible harms are it can cause problems related to the respiratory system. It may cause lung Cancer & can damage the brain cells also. Some Aerosols contain toxins which can cause serious damage to the body. High toxicity can also cause death. There are so many aerosols which causes ozone layer depletion. Aerosols are also flammable and can easily catch fire. High presence of aerosols can also cause explosion. Aerosol pesticides are harmful for butterflies & causes harm to crops also. Aerosols are responsible for air pollution & causes irregular rise in temperature which leads to global warming & climate change. Aerosol paint are very harmful for entertainment as well as for living beings also it can cause asthma and breathlessness. Aerosol paint is also allergic. Aerosol pesticides can cause irregular heartbeats & rise in blood pressure.

Now, there are also some aerosols in market which have less side effects.

Some side effects of aerosols

Side effects.

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