Treatment of diseases

Treatment can be given in two ways first one is known as symptom directed treatment and second one is pathogen directed treatment

Symptom directed treatment is mainly directed to reduce the effects of the diseases which are generally due to inflammation of certain body tissues and are characterized by pain, fever, sneezing, vomiting, redness of skin, loose motions. In symptom directed treatment medicines are given to the patient as it may provide some relief from the symptoms but do not bring cure from the disease so symptom directed treatment is mainly temporary (not in all cases) which is given to reduce the effects of the diseases and short lived measures and need to be taken at regular intervals.

Pathogen directed treatment is directed to kill the microbes with the help of certain chemicals. Different types of microbes have different and specific biochemical metabolic pathways. The medicinal chemicals are aimed to block these pathways so as to inhabit the synthesis of toxic products or respiration do as to lower the energy production. So, pathogen directed treatment helps in killing the disease causing microbes.

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