Some benefits we get from pomegranate

Pomegranate is very beneficial to health it keeps our blood circulation perfect. It prevents the growth (reduces the growth) of cancer. It also prevents arthritis one special benefit is that it lowers the blood pressure if taken as a regular drink. Pomegranate also improves the efficiency of our respiratory system. It is full of nutrients and is also a good source of vitamin k & vitamin c. You can add pomegranate seeds as toppings for your ice-creams & juices. It also helps in improving water level of the body. It is also rich in fibre which helps in removing toxins from the body. It also prevents diseases which are related to the heart.

How to make delicious pomegranate milkshake

First take four pomegranates wash them properly then after that take all the seeds out of it collect the seeds in a clean container now, its time to prepare the paste, take some frozen milk cubes & boiled milk in a mixer jar add some sugar to it for better taste you can add some vanilla or strawberry icecream as it gives a better colour and texture. Now its time to move pomegranate seeds to the mixer jar (which contains paste) after that just switch the mixer on, first make sure that all the ingredients are mixed properly, than switch the mixer off. Fill your glass with the fresh pomegranate milkshake you can add some toppings to it like pomegranate seeds, mint leaf as it is good for presentation.


Keep yourself healthy.🏋

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