Impact of lockdown on environment

It seems that lockdown clean ups all the toxicity from air, water and environmentAs it can be noted that the air quality is improved from poor to excellent this all is becauseOf lockdown. There are very less vehicles out there mostly these vehicles are eco friendlySources of air pollution are very less because of lockdown.Continue reading “Impact of lockdown on environment”

How to spend free time

Exercise as it increases your energy level & also improve your physical and mental healthBy doing exercise you can burn your extra calories.Read as much as you can it helps you in increasing your brain concentration & also gives you information about what is going around you.Find a hobby as pursuing a hobby, gives pleasureYouContinue reading “How to spend free time”

Germicidal soaps are very useful in maintaining a good health

Germicidal soap keeps your body away from bad odour & refreshes the body by its fragrance and natural moisturizersGermicidal soap helps in killing harmful microbes as it contains anti microbial ingredientsIt also controls the growth of harmful microbes by inhabiting them from affected areaSome germicidal soap contains many special ingredients like natural oils, herbs &Continue reading “Germicidal soaps are very useful in maintaining a good health”

Amazing benefits of using rose water

Rose water maintains the pH of skin, the scent of rose water reduces stress and anxiety. ItPrevents excess amount of oil. It is a natural treatment for acne, pimples and eczema. It makes yourSkin glow and also removes dirt and excess oil. Rose water moisturize the skin. Rose water also contains some anti bacterial properties.Continue reading “Amazing benefits of using rose water”

Healing of ozone? What it means..

How ozone layer prevents the earth Ozone layer acts as a protective shield which protects earth from bad ultra violet radiationUltra violet radiation rays are very harmful for living beings as well as for nature. It is responsible forIrregular rise in temperature & causes cancerous diseases. Ozone layer prevents entrance of harmful rays & alsoContinue reading “Healing of ozone? What it means..”

How disinfectant kills microbe?

Disinfectants are very useful in cleaning & maintaining a good and healthy environment.It helps in killing germs and also removes bad odour which may be caused due to some badStuff. Disinfectants protect and maintains a healthy environment around us. Disinfectants are available in many different types of fragrances you can choose your favourite fragrance soContinue reading “How disinfectant kills microbe?”

Why aerosols are harmful

Some Aerosols are not environment friendly, as well as are not suitable for living beings also. The possible harms are it can cause problems related to the respiratory system. It may cause lung Cancer & can damage the brain cells also. Some Aerosols contain toxins which can cause serious damage to the body. High toxicityContinue reading “Why aerosols are harmful”

Why aerosols are important?

Today, we will discuss why aerosols are so important First what are aerosols, you must observe that perfumes which we use in our daily life are compressed in a container why they are compressed? The main reason behind it, is that It provides uniform and constant delivery of contents. Aerosols contains compressed gas & liquifiedContinue reading “Why aerosols are important?”

How pets can keep you healthy

Pets can reduce anxiety and stress from your life Pets help in acceptance of healthy habits like you have to get up early in the morning for a walk with your pet. Pets keep your mind calm no matter how busy you are in your daily life. playing with pets help in reducing anxiety andContinue reading “How pets can keep you healthy”

Coconut water in summer season

It keeps your body hydrate on hot summer days.Coconut water helps in losing weight as it is low in calories. It also helps in acidity & improves food digestion. It prevents kidney stones & also capable in curing skin problems like acne, pimples & eczemaCoconut water also helps in healing the damaged skin, natural coconutContinue reading “Coconut water in summer season”

How to burn extra body fat?

Some tips to burn extra body fat Exercise daily Take healthy meals & avoid food which may contain fat in abundant amount You can eat nuts as they are rich in nutrients & are also less in fat Drink water more than usual You can take salads You can take healthy drinks like ginger tea,Continue reading “How to burn extra body fat?”

The amazing health benefits of almonds

Almond is very beneficial for brain as it repairs the damage brain cells. some brain cells needs essential nutrients for survival almond can provide these essential nutrients which not only helps in survival of cells, it also helps in maintaining blood circulation. Almond contains rich amount of mono unsaturated fats which is very beneficial inContinue reading “The amazing health benefits of almonds”

Treatment of diseases

Treatment can be given in two ways first one is known as symptom directed treatment and second one is pathogen directed treatment Symptom directed treatment is mainly directed to reduce the effects of the diseases which are generally due to inflammation of certain body tissues and are characterized by pain, fever, sneezing, vomiting, redness ofContinue reading “Treatment of diseases”

Microbes in detergents

There are some microbes which are used in detergents to remove the oil stains from the laundry. Some stains are very hard to remove for this (to make the process easy) Some microbes are used in washing detergents as they have some cleansing properties which helps in cleansing. Microbes also provides strong cleansing action.

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