“Today there will be lack of communication” if there was no social media

Thanks to social media as COVID-19 is ruining people’s events, people can communicate without any physical contact on social media. Many places like metro station, shops, Malls, parks & visiting spots in delhi are deserted.  

Anxiety Caused By COVID-19

Many people are living in terror of coronavirus, people are fear of getting out from there homes as numbers are continuously rising, all the events which are going on are now cancelled due to the fear of virus disaster. Government of different countries taking action so that this disaster can be controlled but it seemsContinue reading “Anxiety Caused By COVID-19”

Will it helps?

Will face mask give protection against COVID-19? Wear a mask, if you are taking care of someone who is infected by COVID-19 virus Before using mask learn how to dispose it properly Wear a mask if you have cold and you are sneezing or coughing Wear mask only when you are at crowded area (recommended)

Latest on health

  Lucid Information on COVID-19 It begins from last weeks of December 2019. When one person inform about some symptoms like fever, cough & symptoms of Pneumonia. At first some doctors thought (As by person condition) that it is Pneumonia but later on when there was no improvement in the condition of the patient health,Continue reading “Latest on health”

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