WE CONDUCTED A SMALL SURVEY ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE SCARED OF COVID-19 “The results were shocking” Some questions we asked during the survey are as follows: “Are you scared of COVID-19” There are so many people who answered it Yes, they are scared of COVID-19. Another question we asked is why they are so scaredContinue reading “COVID-19 SURVEY”


Some steps to sterilize your handkerchief Wash it properly with mild detergent. Make sure it is properly dried. Take clotrimazole absorbent dusting powder sprinkle it all over the handkerchief in small amount after that dust it. Keep it in your pocket. Repeat the process again if it becomes dirty.


Take a 200ml dispensing bottle clean it properly make sure it is dried properly now, take 💯ml of isopropyl alcohol solution (99%) in other clean container (other than that of dispensing bottle) add natural aloe vera gel 50ml, to prepare aloe vera gel take gelly part from the aloe vera plant and heat it tillContinue reading “🌲HOW TO MAKE 💯% NATURAL HOMEMADE SANITIZER🌲”

Some important facts you must know about COVID-19

It can easily infect people and as well as it spreads very easily. COVID-19 can easily survive for about 24 hours on a surface. Can cause death in few weeks, for the person who are old and have weak health conditions.  

“Coronavirus and environment”

Due to Coronavirus there is decrease in CO2 emissions. In some countries it is noted that due to the lockdown of coronavirus, there is decrease in the emissions of carbon dioxide. In terms of environment, lockdown will helps in cleaning the environment. Air quality is also improved from past as people are not using theirContinue reading ““Coronavirus and environment””

Government directs to close all school & institution till 31/03/20

Today, Due to outbreak of Coronavirus government takes action and directs all school & institution to remain close till 31/03/20. This will affect the candidate’s exams which are going on…

Many online shopping services cancels order due to COVID-19

Today many online shopping services cancels order made by consumers as government restricts many services including online shopping services many telecome companies like airtel advice people, despite visiting care center make your requests online. This all decisions are made to tackle COVID-19.

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