Impact of technology

Technology plays an important role in our daily lives and without it we can’t do our work easily as because of technology many hard works becomes easier and technology also helps in saving time which is very precious thing as when we have more time we can do our other important works. So, we can consider some things about technology like it helps in making a task much more easier, it helps in saving time. But we should use technology in right way it means that we should not use technology to harm anyone, as it will be misuse of it.

How things are changing
As we are living in modern era of technology we know that how it makes things easier like when there were no smartphones people generally used to work on there pc which takes more time than on smartphone, smartphone makes work much handy as we can do our work more efficiently and one main thing is that it is very easy to carry (then desktop & laptop) and there is one more thing about technology and it is that it may become old but it always works the same as pcs(laptops & desktops) still have their same (efficiency) use in professional as well as in our homes also, if we see ten years back than we can analyse that how technology keeps on changing. Technology have it’s use in every field whether it is daily life or whether it is in the field of medical. In medical it’s use is very vast as it is used in so many instruments & also in many scans like CT scan, MRI scan, X-ray scan & many other. It helps in building homes, parks and many other infrastructure also.

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