Banana can boost your immunity 🍌


Let me tell you how

As banana have less calories (~110) & also rich in fiber which mainly helps in proper digestion of food. People with iron deficiency can eat banana on daily basis as it is the rich source of iron.

Forget coffeeβ˜• eat banana as it energizes your body and helps in relaxing mind. It also helps in reducing muscles pain. Banana contains potassium which gives prevention against hypokalemia (causes by low level of potassium in the blood).

Banana smoothie to boost your immune system

How to make banana smoothie

Take four banana and cut them in small pieces move them to mixer jar add cold water & milk to it you can also add some crushed ice to it after that add some vanilla essence for better taste switch on the mixer now amazing banana smoothie is ready you can refrigerate it for some time before enjoying it.

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