Some steps can be taken to tackle climate change

We can stop the usage of vehicles which use petrochemicals as their fuels and we can replace it by using electric vehicles. We should reduce usage of fossil fuels. We need to improve efficiency of energy usage. One of the most important factor is reducing deforestation as by reducing it, there will be more trees which can help in purifying polluted air.

Some facts about air pollution

Automobiles are the largest source of air pollution in the metro cities. There are many cities where main source of pollution are industries. Air pollution also increases by some agricultural activities also like burning of crops & forests. There are some other factors also but, if we follow the steps which are described earlier, we can reduce air pollution very effectively.

Why air pollution should be taken seriously

The main reason is that it harms the nature as well as it also causes premature deaths on very large scale.

Regional estimates of air pollution

Air pollution data.

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Plant more trees for better future.

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