😢😢Is blaming, the solution?😠😠

Blaming can never be a solution as far as I know people who are in power have
more experience than any other, but one thing is not understandable why they keep
on blaming each other, as they also know that there is no solution lies in it. The things
that people can observe is that they keep on talking trash on tv sets that doesn’t make any sense at all! my recommendation to them is that “ take things seriously it is not the movie of batman in which you are playing the
Role of joker (why so serious)” so, please come out from your movie role to this real world where people are really dying each and every day, and help them to fight against this disaster (COVID-19 & CLIMATE CHANGE).
As The 35th president of the United States says “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”

T Bhargav

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