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Lucid Information on COVID-19

It begins from last weeks of December 2019. When one person inform about some symptoms like fever, cough & symptoms of Pneumonia. At first some doctors thought (As by person condition) that it is Pneumonia but later on when there was no improvement in the condition of the patient health, After some research it was known to be some kind of other disease which originate from bats and mutate to the intermediate

Pangolins And further mutate to the human beings in late 2019.

It comes from animals like bats, snakes & other sea food animals which are selled at wuhan sea food market. In the period when there is not much information on it.

It continues to spread from one person to another, Outbreak begins in China but has sends spreads around the world. It spreads very quickly as it can be easily transmitted from one person to another just by coming in contact of sneezing, coughing (Droplets) & By touching of infected person. COVID-19 virus can easily survive on surfaces for over 24 hours. It can be prevented by following some simple and easy steps, If you feel you have symptoms contact your doctor or medical care and inform them about your condition. Don’t get panic just take the treatment as directed by your doctor and isolate yourself as long as your get well & as long as your doctor advise you. For healthy person it is recommended to stay away from someone with symptoms, use mask (N95) only if you are at crowded area, Don’t use Surgical Masks as they are not so much recommended to get protection against the droplets from the infected person. Stay at least 6 feet (2m) away from someone with symptoms, use sanitizer spray when you come in contact with any surface which is vulnerable to you, Inform people about the disease and how they can protect themselves from this disaster. Follow the instructions which are given by WHO and other health organisations.

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